GPS Padlock


GPS Padlock 5A is an advanced padlock with GPS tracking features with the world first level technology. GPS Padlock 5A combines physical toughness and wireless technology to address these challenges. Offering a variety of access methods, including physical keys and keyless approaches using remote GPRS and SMS passwords via mobile device apps. The GPS Padlock 5A allow customers the flexibility grant authorization to open or locked using by mobile device, RFID, NFC devices or our online Web platform.

Each “open” and “close” with important time and location information can be optionally stored in the platform. Each GPS Padlock 5A is designed intelligently to robust high security and designed for outdoor environment operation. It has a build-in high capability battery providing necessary power for the lock operation, this means no external battery or power source needs for your operation. And in the event that the GPS Padlock 5A is forcefully opened, they are immediately alerted via a server or, optionally, SMS.GPS Padlock 5A is a complete mixture of intelligent lock and tracking solutions for securing your goods in transit wherever its destination might be.

• Track current location of GPS padlock
• View history locations or traces of GPS padlock
• Report lock status-lock/unlock
• Lock and secure assets
• Support web tracking system
• Lock beam damage alert
• Working time up 3 to 5 days
• Lock/Unlock by SMS or Platform command or manually